Riddhi’s Popular Waxing Packages

Packages Members Price Non-Members Price

  • Full Legs with Bikini & Brazilian
    ( includes feet and toes )
  • Full Arms and Shoulders
    ( includes underarms )
  • Buttocks
    ( Does not include face, breast, upper neck area, stomach, back )
$65 $100

  • Full Legs with Bikini & Brazilian
    ( includes feet and toes )
  • Full Arms and Shoulders
    ( includes underarms )
  • A Choice of Full Stomach OR Full Back OR Half Stomach & Half Back
  • Buttocks
    ( Does not include face, breast, upper neck area, stomach, back )
$75 $130

  • Full Legs with Bikini & Brazilian
    ( includes feet and toes )
  • Full Arms and Shoulders
    ( includes underarms )
  • Full Stomache
  • Breasts and Lower Neck Area
  • Full Back Wax with Back Neck
  • Buttocks
  • Stomach & Back Sides
    ( Does not include face )
$88 $150
Items List Members Price Non-Members Price
Eyebrows Threding / Waxing $6 $12
Lip / Chin / Neck Waxing $4 $7
Cheeks Waxing $6 $10
Underarms Waxing $6 $10
Full Face Wax, Eyebrows Threading $20 $40
Full Face & Eyebrow Threading $25 $40
Half Stomach Area $10 $10
Full Stomach $15 $25
Full Stomach, Breast $20 $30
Half Back Wax $10 $15
Full Back Wax $15 $25
Full Arms Waxing, Shoulders, Underarms $20 $35
Full Arms, Full Legs Waxing, Underarms $45 $80
Half Arms, Half legs Waxing, Underarms $35 $50
Full Arms Waxing $15 $25
Half Arms Waxing $10 $20
Full Brazilian Waxing $30 $60
Bikini Lines Waxing $15 $25
Full Legs Wax $30 $55
Full legs Wax, Bikini Lines (Underarms) $45 $70
Full Legs, Full Brazillian  (Underarms) $55 $90
Half Legs Wax $20 $35
Half Legs, Bikini Lines $35 $55
Half Legs Wax, Full Brazillian $45 $70
Buttocks Wax $10 $15
Full Brazillian w/Butt Cheeks $35 $70

Why We Are Oakville's Best Waxing Expert?


Waxing is mainly considered as a non-permanent treatment. It is preferable because the hair of yours is pulled out from the root. This results in providing a smother skin which has the tendency to last much longer than the shaving. We are generally among the spas which provide the best waxing in Oakville. Among these, one of the most considered services is the eyebrow waxing.

This waxing is also considered to be a great short-term solution if you generally have that needs to be removed from buttocks, bikini line, armpits, stomach, back, chest, arms and legs. It can be anywhere else the hair usually grows. The more is the particular tendency to wax the same area; the thinner is the hair returns. We provide you the best services related to waxing in Oakville, Ontario and so, you should consider our name if you are finding services related to the ‘waxing spa near me’. Thus, we are among the best Skin Care Spa and Esthetics who provides the existing and prospective customers the best quality of the services.

Zero Double Dipping

Well, it is not recommended to dip spatula back into the wax pot again after applying the gel on customer’s skin. So, what should be the better way to it? Zero double dipping is the right approach to it.

For some people waxing is a painful hair removal technique as it requires multiple scratching of clothes with the skin. Pulling out hair using such traditional waxing technique can cause rashes & itchy sensation.

Being an expert we know this condition and thus we provide zero double dipping waxing service which removes hair in just one touch up without reusing the same spatula.

zero double dipping

Waxing For Her

We are only involved in providing services related to waxing for her or the women. Professional épillyss depilatory waxes are exclusively used by our end. Thus, we generally use lukewarm épillyss Sensitive Skin for the purpose of increasing the comfort level of the process. Along with that, we also use low-temperature cream wax. So, if you wish to get smoother skin without much pain then book your appointment today.


Waxing – Before and After

Waxing Before Care (Pre-Wax Tips)

For great waxing results, all you need is to keep the length of the hair generally in between ¼ to ½ inch. But, the minimum length of the hair is mainly about ¼ inch.

1) About 24 to 48 hours before your appointment, it is preferably advisable to both exfoliate as well as wash the area that is to be waxed. This procedure generally helps to remove dead skin and also loosen hair follicles. As a result, this particular procedure helps to make waxing very easy.

2) Also, you should preferably try to avoid the waxing procedure during your premenstrual cycle. This mainly applies slightly after, during as well as slightly before the cycle. Also, due to the hormone changes, a great level of sensitivity is usually created during the cycle. But, the waxing procedure can be still done during this particular procedure.

3) You should again try to avoid the usage of the highly caffeinated products before the waxing procedure as it may heighten your sensitivity level.

4) Before coming, it is advisable to take 2 pain killers i.e. Tylenol, Advil, etc. To help ease of both redness as well as bumps, some of the anti-inflammatory ingredients are generally contained in these drugs. Apart from that, these drugs also help to desensitize the feeling. With all the waxing procedures, it is generally expected to have these particular reactions on a temporary basis.

5) Also, the numbing creams are generally available online and also pharmacies. They do work on the basis of the experience of my clients. At Walmart Pharmacy as well as at your pharmacist over the counter, some of the popular brands like EMLA is easily available. Apart from that, other numbing creams can be generally purchased online and that is usually from the USA. To find out, you would particularly have to call them. Before your wax, it is advisable to apply numbing cream or pops an aspirin for about 30 minutes. This will particularly help to minimize the involuntary yelps as well as yips.

6) Try to come to the waxing spa as relaxed as possible.

Waxing After Care

Note: Some sight soreness, small bumps and redness are common and normal temporary reactions. This should subside over next 24-48 hours particularly if this is your first wax.

Upper Back / Upper Chest / Upper Arms / Shoulders area more sensitive to breakouts/redness. However this does not happen to everyone.

Waxing After Care [ First 48 Hours ]

  • Avoid Scratching or touching the Waxed Area.
  • Do apply a cold compress to reduce inflammation and calm your skin.
  • No Hot Bath, Sauna Bath ( Only Cool -LukeWarm )
  • No Swimming in Public Pools your skin is still prone to  infection due to its sensitivity.  Only clean running water is allowed immediately after the procedure.
  • Don’t use bar soap, which can leave a film on your skin and cause ingrown hairs.
  • Do wear light, loose clothing that won’t rub against the waxed area.
  • Avoid Make-up, Tanning to the area.
  • We recommend never shaving in between appointments.
  • It is advisable to maintain your appt for a minimum of 4 weeks. Again, this mainly applies in case of Brazilian Waxing. This particularly helps in the minimization of the hairs as much as possible. Along with that, it also preferably helps you to tolerate the pain in a much better way.

1) When you are at your home, you should particularly exfoliate your skin each of the time you shower. This generally helps to keep the skin soft as well as smooth. Other than that, it also helps in the prevention of the ingrown hairs. So, you should increase the usage of the body creams that help to promote cooling, healing as well as soothing to the skins. Also, it is advisable to apply a very good cream after the Brazilian and also Bikini waxing.

2) After waxing, you should particularly try using Polysporine, Vaceline or Aloe Vera gel or cream. This preferably provides a cooling effect on the skin and also helps to calm the redness of the skin.

These are mainly the waxing before and after care tips which are needed to be followed in order to keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Well Trained Aestheticians And Staffs

All our experts, as well as staffs, are well trained,and so, they are involved in providing with comfort whenever you visit. Also, there are many of the techniques in which our experienced aestheticians are well trained for the purpose of minimizing the typical sting from the waxing. But, it does sting a bit,and you should be warned in case your pain threshold is low.

Most important Aspects

We focus on the most important three aspects,i.e. Trust, Comfort and also Quality and you will effectively be assured on these. Our professionals are well trained and so, they thrive to provide you the maximum comfort. Best quality of the services is our promise to you, and most importantly, we focus on increasing your trust by providing you with the best spa services.

Notice :
Being a pride and responsible spa, we give top priority to hygiene and sanitation for better health safety.
Cleanness of all rooms and equipment is taken care of on day to day base to maintain the hygienic environment in our spa. We do not use out of date products, used paper sheets, and do not promote anything that can harm your health.
We use only well sterilized tools between each and every client. At our spa, we always strive to provide eco-friendly experience with customer’s personal healthcare in mind.
We strongly advice to explain skin or any other medical conditions at the time of booking. It helps us to take care of you in a better way.
It applies to all our spa services!