Facial Spa Treatments (Massage, Acne, & Bleaching)

Items List Members Price Non-Members Price
Mini Facial $25 $50
Deep Cleaning Facial
( 1 Hour )
$45 $90
Anti Dehydrating Facial
( 1 Hr 15 Mins )
$56 $110
Gold Facial
( 1 Hr 15 Mins )
$50 $100
Skin Polishing Facial with Face & Neck Bleach
( 1 Hr 20 Mins )
$60 $110
Green Organic Facial
( 1 Hr 15 Mins )
$56 $110
Diamond Facial
( 1 Hr 15 Mins )
$56 $110
Skin Lightning & Whitening Facial
( 1 Hr 15 Mins )
$56 $110
Anti Aging Tan Removing Facial
( 1 Hr 15 Mins )
$56 $110
Anti Acne Pimple Treatment Facial
( 1 Hr 15 Mins )
$56 $110
Anti Pigmentation & Sunburn Facial
( 1 Hr 15 Mins )
$56 $110
Spa Facial with 2 type of Mask
( 1 Hr 30 Mins )
$60 $120
Full Back Facial
( 45 mins )
$45 $90
Deep Cleansing Facial, Back Facial
( 2 Hours )
$85 $170
Items List Members Price Non-Members Price
Face & Neck Bleach $20 $30
Underarms Bleach $15 $30
Bikine Bleach $20 $40
Arms or Stomach or Back Bleach $20 $40
Legs Bleach $35 $70
Full Body Bleach $70 $140
Full Body Bleach, Full Body Scrub Massage w/Steam, Vichy Rain Shower $120 $240
Underarms Whitening Treatment included ( Waxing, whitening Cream, Cleansing, Bleach, Scrub, Cream, Mask) $60 $100

Why We Are Oakville’s Best Facialย Spa?

Facial Oakville

A facial is usually considered among the best ways to take proper care of your skin, and so, nowadays, the facial spa services are considered to be very much popular. It proves to be a boon if it is performed with the help of a knowledgeable and also experienced esthetician. Being the best facial spa,ย we are involved in providing you the quality acne treatments, facial massage, bleaching, tan removal, skin policing, etc. These particular facial treatments help to nourish, exfoliate and clean your skin and thereby promoting a well hydrated as well as clear complexion.

Our Main Objective

Being a professional facial treatments Oakville service provider, our main objective is to provide you with a quality facial treatment which can effectively contribute to clear your skin and give it a natural as well as a healthy look. Also, we thrive to use both our expertise and also experience for the purpose of responding to a wide variety of skincare concerns. This can be achieved by adapting our treatments properly so that, it can contribute to meet your entire specific needs. If you are not sure about which facial treatments will be the best for you, then you should come in and discuss with our experts, and we will effectively help you to meet your skincare goals. You need to book your appointment today if you wish to take our best quality facial spa services in Oakville.

Masks And Quality Facial Massage

After a massage, facial is considered to be the second most popular spa treatment. We always think for you and happy to continuously providing you the best facial massage in Oakville. Also, for the acne related problems, we provide you with the best quality of the acne facial. For different purposes usually, there are different kinds of the masks such as brightening for a gradual illumination of the skin tone as well as deep cleansing which is done by the effective penetration of the pores; hyper pigmentation or healing acne scars. Our services related to the facial spa are considered to be most reliable, trusted, and comfortable as well as certain of the best quality. Along with that, there are also some other masks which are provided by our end and so, these are mainly designated to solidify or dry on the face just like the plaster while the others remain wet. More considerably a facial works in the best way when it is generally a part of a particular ongoing program related to the skin care.

Notice :
Being a pride and responsible spa, we give top priority to hygiene and sanitation for better health safety.
Cleanness of all rooms and equipment is taken care of on day to day base to maintain the hygienic environment in our spa. We do not use out of date products, used paper sheets, and do not promote anything that can harm your health.
We use only well sterilized tools between each and every client. At our spa, we always strive to provide eco-friendly experience with customerโ€™s personal healthcare in mind.
We strongly advice to explain skin or any other medical conditions at the time of booking. It helps us to take care of you in a better way.
It applies to all our spa services!