Infra-red Sauna Services

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Month Duration Price
For 1 Month $199
For 3 Months $399
Month Duration Price
For 1 Month $299
For 3 Months $449
Visit Pass Price
10 Visit Pass Only $199
20 Visit Pass Only $349
40 Visit Pass Only $599
infrared sauna

Infrared sauna is generally considered to be very effective if you want to detoxify your body. The increasing trend of the infrared saunas has led to the set up of many infrared sauna clinics in Oakville, Ontario. These infrared saunas are the most effective tool for both natural healing as well as prevention. Also, the infrared light possesses the particular ability to penetrate the human tissue which in turn helps in the production of a variety of anti-aging health benefits. Due to the presence of these reasons, the infrared saunas are considered to be one of the hottest home therapies for the overall healthier living.

We are among the best infrared sauna spalocated in Oakville continuously involved in providing the best-infrared sauna services to the women. In the infrared sauna, one of the most important factors is the sweating. Sweating is the natural as well as a safe way of the body to stay healthy and heal. A lot many benefits are usually caused by the far infrared sauna to the body as it cause a direct rise in the core body temperature and thereby resulting in a detoxifying and also deep sweat at the cellular level and so, the toxins usually reside there. But, the traditional saunas generally operate at extreme and harsh temperature. Compared to this, the infrared saunas are soothing, gentle as well as therapeutic associated with it promotes improved sleep and relaxation.

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If you are mainly looking for the best infrared saunainOakville, then you can easily consider our name because we are continuously involved in providing the best quality of the infrared sauna services in Oakville. Not only just Oakville, but we are also among the best infrared sauna located inCanada. We are skilled and well-trained professionals,and so, the services provided by our end is considered to be the best in the overall industry. Book now for enjoying the best quality of the infrared sauna spa.

Notice :
Being a pride and responsible spa, we give top priority to hygiene and sanitation for better health safety.
Cleanness of all rooms and equipment is taken care of on day to day base to maintain the hygienic environment in our spa. We do not use out of date products, used paper sheets, and do not promote anything that can harm your health.
We use only well sterilized tools between each and every client. At our spa, we always strive to provide eco-friendly experience with customer’s personal healthcare in mind.
We strongly advice to explain skin or any other medical conditions at the time of booking. It helps us to take care of you in a better way.
It applies to all our spa services!