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Pigmented Lips / Lips Discoloration Treatment ( 2 Hours )

Permanent Lips Colour

  • 2 Sittings in $550
  • 4 Sittings in Only $899
$350 $750
Permanent Eyebrows-Ombre Brows Or
Combination Brows (Ombre with Nano Brows) ( 2 Hours )

  • 2 Sittings in $550
  • 4 Sittings in Only $899
$350 $750

Permanent Makeup & Permanent Eyebrows

Receive the best permanent makeup & permanent eyebrows services in Brampton.

Permanent eyebrows have become a popular and innovative solution for individuals seeking long-lasting and hassle-free enhancement of their eyebrows. This procedure involves the application of pigments into the skin. Call us to learn more and get the best service.

Notice :
Being a pride and responsible spa, we give top priority to hygiene and sanitation for better health safety.
Cleanness of all rooms and equipment is taken care of on day to day base to maintain the hygienic environment in our spa. We do not use out of date products, used paper sheets, and do not promote anything that can harm your health.
We use only well sterilized tools between each and every client. At our spa, we always strive to provide eco-friendly experience with customer’s personal healthcare in mind.
We strongly advice to explain skin or any other medical conditions at the time of booking. It helps us to take care of you in a better way.
It applies to all our spa services!